What are the fees?

Fees for the 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 school year are:

2x a week program: $118
3x a week program: $149

A government subsidy reduces these fees by $75 per month, making them:

2x a week program: $43
3x a week program: $74

Your family may qualify for an ADDITIONAL fee subsidy (household income between $90,000-$179,999)

Families must apply on their own for the subsidy to be sent directly to the Playschool and applied to their fees: https://www.alberta.ca/child-care-subsidy.aspx


Initial Payment

$50 non-refundable application processing fee (paid by electronic money transfer at the time of registration).

September tuition + Health & Safety Fee* is due via e-transfer after receiving confirmation of a spot in the program by the registrar.

 (*This $20 fee is to help off-set the costs of extra cleaning supplies, required items, masks, and hand sanitizer)


Cheque #1
Option A: $500 Duty Bond Cheque
- Leave date blank - This cheque will only be cashed if you fail to perform your parental duties: sharing day/duty parent job, and/or casino shift.
- The 2022– 2023 school year is a casino year. ($250 for non-casino year, $500 for casino year)


Option B: $500 Parent Cooperative Exemption Fee

- Date September 1st, 2021
- This is non-refundable once received but does exempt the family from in-class parent duties for the current school year per child enrolled in the playschool.

 It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the fees are paid. A charge of $20.00 will be levied for any cheques not honored by the bank.


The remainder of tuition fees will be paid via e-transfer, according to a payment calendar distributed for that year.

The cost of all crafts, activities and field trips are covered for each child attending our program. Each class has a party to mark special occasions (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.). All families are asked to contribute a low-cost item for two parties during the playschool year.