Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Enrolment Requirements

To ensure a fair registration process, we maintain and strictly adhere to an ordered waiting list. When the registrar contacts you by phone or email to verify your availability to fill a vacancy in the class, you will have a 48-hour period to provide a response to the registrar. If the registrar has not heard a response from you in the 48 hours, the registrar will contact the next family on the waiting list. The waitlist response period will drop to 24 hour effective the date that public and separate elementary school commences (typically just after the September long weekend). Once playshool classes begin, internal class moves may be given priority over the wait list.

Please ensure you give the correct contact information you would like used throughout the summer and school year. It is your responsibility to check for messages in case a spot becomes available. The registrar is not responsible for holding a spot if your voicemail is full or emails bounce back and a message cannot be left.

Our playschool requires every child's family to obtain a valid community league membership for every playschool year. Families will be asked to provide their membership number no later than September 15th of each playschool year. If members do not obtain a community league membership by this date, they will be asked to withdraw from the program.

Yes, as long as your family is part of a community league within Edmonton. Admission into Riverbend Playschool is accepted based on the following priorities:
1. Current playschool members (i.e., families with a child/children currently enrolled at the playschool)
2. Alumni members (i.e., families that have had children attend the playschool previously)
3. Members of the Riverbend Community Leagues (Rhatigan Ridge, Ramsey Heights, Brookside and Brander Gardens)
4. Members of any community league

No, we now have an online registration system. As preferred classes can fill up quickly we do encourage applicants to prepare for registration in advance and to start registration as soon as it opens.

Yes! We host an annual open house prior to playschool registration. This is a great opportunity to see the classroom and meet the teachers.

Children must be toilet trained at the time playschool begins in September. Our operating licence prohibits us from accepting children in diapers. However, special circumstances may be considered on an individual basis, such as a child with special needs who is not toilet trained. These special circumstances require approval by the teachers and playschool executive.

3-year-old program: Children must be 3 on or before December 31st of their attending school year.

3 & 4-year-old program: Children must be 3 on or before December 31st of their attending school year.

4-year-old program: Children must be 4 on or before December 31st of the previous school year.


Fees for remainder of  the 2021-2022 year were updated as of January 2022.  This reflects a Government subsidy of $75/monthly:

2x a week program: $115 - $75 = $40/monthly
3x a week program: $145 - $75 = $70/monthly

Your family may qualify for an ADDITIONAL fee subsidy (household income between $90,000-$179,999)

Families must apply on their own for the subsidy to be sent directly to the Playschool and applied to their fees:

Our fees for the 2022/2023 school year will be:

2x a week program: $118
3x a week program: $149

A government subsidy will currently reduce these fees by $75 per month, making them:

2x a week program: $43
3x a week program: $74

Your family may qualify for an ADDITIONAL fee subsidy (household income between $90,000-$179,999)

Families must apply on their own for the subsidy to be sent directly to the Playschool and applied to their fees:


Initial Payment

$50 non-refundable application processing fee (paid by electronic money transfer at the time of registration).

September tuition + Covid Fee* is due via e-transfer after receiving confirmation of a spot in the program by the registrar.

 (*This $20 fee is to help off-set the costs of extra cleaning supplies, required items, masks, and hand sanitizer)


Cheque #1
Option A: $500 Duty Bond Cheque
- Leave date blank - This cheque will only be cashed if you fail to perform your parental duties: sharing day/duty parent job, and/or casino shift.
- The 2021– 2022 school year is a casino year. ($250 for non-casino year, $500 for casino year)


Option B: $500 Parent Cooperative Exemption Fee

- Date September 1st, 2021
- This is non-refundable once received but does exempt the family from in-class parent duties for the current school year per child enrolled in the playschool.

 It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the fees are paid. A charge of $20.00 will be levied for any cheques not honored by the bank.


The remainder of tuition fees will be paid via e-transfer, according to a payment calendar distributed for that year.

The cost of all crafts, activities and field trips are covered for each child attending our program. Each class has a party to mark special occasions (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.). All families are asked to contribute a low-cost item for two parties during the playschool year.

Parental Involvement

We ask all parents to arrange for child care for younger siblings on sharing days.

Our playschool is funded by tuition and casino proceeds. All families must provide one volunteer to work a casino in our casino years, which occur every two years. There is no other fundraising.

Sharing days are critical to our playschool program. Helper parents help the classroom operate smoothly, the children get to enjoy the special recognition. Please speak with the teachers or a member of our executive if you have any questions or concerns.

If you are unable to attend a sharing day you are scheduled for, please arrange for a replacement. You may switch with another parent or send a replacement, such as the other parent or grandparent. Emergency parents are available in case a replacement cannot be found. Please contact your the Sharing Day Coordinator for your class to learn more.

If your playschool job requires you to purchase supplies (i.e., shopping parent), you will be asked to submit your receipts for reimbursement.
The costs for snacks or small items for class parties are not reimbursed.

Each family must select one playschool job. If you have taken an executive position, you are not required to take an additional position.
In addition to your selected job, you (or a family member) will participate in sharing days, and provide a volunteer to work a casino in our casino years

In the Classroom

After years of experience teaching preschool children, our teachers have noticed a pattern: with spring comes longer days, outdoor sports, and generally busier kids. The little 3 and 4 year olds start to burn out with this heightened level of activity (think: not enjoying their schools days so much!) The teachers have therefore decided to end the school year in May, which ensures that the students finish the year on a more positive note. Also, we are lucky to rent our classroom space from the Riverbend Community League, who start their own programming in the space in June.

Parents are responsible for arranging their children’s transportation to and from the playschool.

It's absolutely normal for children to be sad to say goodbye to their parents. Most children are ready to play and have fun after a few minutes in the classroom (and perhaps a few hugs from the teachers).
If you have questions about separation anxiety, please speak with the teachers. They will be happy to provide suggestions, and give you updates on your child's progress.

Please pack a bag with indoor shoes and a full change of clothes each day. Also, remember to dress your child for the weather. We try to go outside every day, so snow suits, mittens and warms hats are needed in the winter, and rubber boots and raincoats are needed on rainy days.

Children must bring their own snacks each school day (unless otherwise noted). The snack should be small and nutritious. The teachers will provide suggestions on desirable snacks and prohibited foods (such as nuts).


In accordance with the Alberta Government and Alberta Health Services, Riverbend Playschool has modified several aspects of the program due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The changes go beyond what is recommended in the guiding documents from the Alberta Government.  Also note that while we have made every effort to be well planned and prepared, new guidelines, recommendations and revisions may be presented at any time. We will continue to ensure that our practices are in alignment with the most recent recommendations, and our membership will be made aware of these updates.

-The Playschool has implemented enhanced cleaning practices, including between morning and afternoon classes, and will be cohorting toys by class.

-Teachers will be masked at all times, and will change masks between classes.

-There will be a one-way traffic flow for playschool families at both drop-off and pick up times to minimize congestion.

-To ensure cohorts remain consistent and small, we will not schedule a parent helper role in the classroom at this time. 

-Each child's temperature will be taken at the door prior to entering the classroom. Parents/caregivers will also be asked to answer health / travel screening questions for their child each day.

-Children will only be permitted to enter the playschool if they have no risks identified on the screening questionnaire and are free of signs and symptoms of illness. Children will be asked to sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer upon entering (after this point, the use of soap and water will be encouraged in the classroom as needed). 

-If your child presents with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, they may be required to be tested for COVID-19 before returning to the program, if this is recommended by the online assessment tool.

-If a child who has attended the Playschool is identified as having a confirmed case of COVID-19, all playschool families will be notified and will be asked to follow the recommendations provided by Alberta Health Services.

- If 2 or more children are identified with confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the same class, the preschool will follow outbreak notification procedures and follow the recommendations provided by Alberta Health Services.

-For children with a pre-existing condition which presents with symptoms similar to potential COVID-19 symptoms (ie. allergies), the Playschool will require a medical note to support this (and the child should be tested for COVID-19 to confirm that it is not the source of their symptoms).